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High pressure oxygen concentrator MEY-10-4.0

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High pressure oxygen concentrator MEY-10-4.0

Product Features:

1.Medical use: connect with Ventilator or anaesthesia machine,etc

2.Industrial use:welding, glass cutting, etc

3.Fish farming,aquaculture

4.Veterinary use, can be connect with ventilator or anaesthesia machine to help save animal's life in surgery.

Product Description&Packing:

*Flow Rate: 0-10LPM/0-20LPM

*Purity: 93%(±3%)

*Outlet Pressure: 0.14-0.4Mpa

*Sound Level: ≤50dB/60dB

*Power Consumption: ≤1250W/2000W

*LCD Display: Switch time, operation pressure, present working time, accumulated working time from 10mins to 40hours

*Alarm: Low purity alarm, Power failure alarm, high & low pressure alarm 

*Net Weight: 90Kgs/149Kgs

*Size: 460×730×990mm/850x880x790mm                        

Packing:1140*550*910mm; 118kgs

1010*920*980mm; 294kgs

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