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Homecare oxygen concentrator MEY-5AW

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Homecare oxygen concentrator MEY-5AW

Product Features:

1. Medical treatment.

It is suitable for clinics, community hospitals, township health clinics, etc.

2. Home health care.

With our oxygen concentrator you can enjoy oxygen therapy at home without going to the clinic or hospital on purpose.

Product Description and Packing:

*Flow Rate: 0-5LPM

*Purity: 93%(±3%)

*Outlet Pressure: 0.04-0.07Mpa

*Sound Level: ≤38dB

*Power Consumption: ≤ 350W

*LCD Display: Switch time, operation pressure, present working time, accumulated working time from 10mins to 40hours

*Alarm: Power failure alarm, high & low pressure alarm 

*Net Weight: 15Kgs

*Size: 348×280×510mm

Packing: 415 * 340 * 610mm

Gross weight: 20kgs

Homecare oxygen concentrator MEY-5AWHomecare oxygen concentrator MEY-5AW

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