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Mobile Digital FPD C-arm System MEX118F

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Mobile Digital FPD C-arm System MEX118F

This C arm system is a necessary machine in Orthopedic department. It showed outstanding performance in restoring bone, trans-location, bone resetting and fixing; and performs well in many surgeries, including remove foreign matters, implant pacemaker in Spine surgery, general surgery and so on.

1. Self-developed generator and X-ray tube. Combined design: 5 KW, high inverter frequency: 110KHZ, which is our sole technique in China and can ensure superior quality of x-ray source. Also, can save maintenance cost. As far as I know, ZIEHM Vision FD is 2 kw, and 40KHZ。

2. Imported Thales A-Si FPD. Using 9”*9” Dynamic Flat Panel Detector and 16 bits, provide high resolution image with lager view and lower noise. Compare with 9”image intensifier, 9”flat panel detector field size increase 22%, greatly improve operation efficiency and accuracy in various clinical surgery. While ZIEHM Vision FD uses 7.8”*7.8” FPD and 14 bits.

3. Human graphic LCD touch-screen with accurate APR parameters setting realizes convenient operation. This is also our company's unique technology.

4. Advanced digital pulse technology, which can ensures provide high-quality images and accurate diagnosis while ensuring low doses.

5. Using four-dimension electric motion control technology, motorized up and down 200mm, motorized horizental stretch 400mm, motorized rotated in 360°, motorized slip along the orbit 135°.

6. A unique hand-held controller design, when you away from the machine, you still can operate the C-ram convenient.

7. Electric auxiliary support arm design, the use of more secure, use more safety.

8. Workstation with two parallel monitors. Intelligent imaging processing system with RCDP(rapid calculate display platform) system software and GPU in the computer. This combination makes it easier to get sharp image of various body parts.

Mobile Digital FPD C-arm System MEX118F

Mobile Digital FPD C-arm System MEX118F

Mobile Digital FPD C-arm System MEX118FMobile Digital FPD C-arm System MEX118F

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