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Medical Equipment Hemodialysis Center Dialysis Scale, Patient Scale ME01

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Medical Equipment Hemodialysis Center Dialysis Scale, Patient Scale ME01

Dialysis scale Heavy-duty mild steel construction Handrail for added patient safety 7 inch touch display Intelligent speech system

Passion Dialysis Scale is designed with utmost patient comfort and safety in mind. Dialysis unit and centers require scales to be accessible, accurate, and able to endure frequent usage without compromising performance. The D01Z floor scale is ideal for weighing dialysis patients before and after treatment. Patients are precisely weighed on foot or in a wheelchair on the weighing platform and weight indicator allows for simple and efficient operation. The dialysis scale provided exceptional performance in dialysis center, hospitals and other healthcare environments. While economically priced, Passion dialysis scale also employs a rugged design to deliver efficient installation and operate consistently over a long period of time.


1.Digital weighing which via 4G network to transmit data to dialysis management system quickly
2.Scanning QR code to get patient information and uploaded to the dialysis management system automatically. One-card automation makes the weighing conveniently, quickly and paperless environment. 
3.7 inch touch display screen with high resolution.After weighing, it will automatically clear information, protecting personal privacy.
4.Intelligent speech system. It will give a better experience to elderly patients with poor hearing.
5.Using high precision sensors with the error value less than 50g, it provides more accurate the dry weight monitoring.
6.TARE function ensure the weights closer to the body weight.
7.Its max load capacity (300KG) and large platform make patients able to be weighted while sitting on a chair or in wheelchair, it is suitable for large patients.
8.The stable handrail and anti-slip rubber surface provides security for patients who are physically weak or incapacitated.

Weighing Steps:
1.the patient scan his/her QR code
2.Automatically broadcast patients' weighing information
3.Data upload to dialysis management system automatically


Platform sizeL1440*W900*H98mm
Handrail sizeL1250*H900mm
MaterialQ235 steel
Display screen7"
Weight of scales48kg
Max weight capacity300kg
Power supplyAC100V-240V 50/60Hz
Sensor voltage5V
working voltageDC 9-12V 600mA
working environment


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